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Too Little Time - Doctor Who Short Fic

"Don't touch it," said the Doctor as he placed the strange metal box down on the console of the TARDIS.  He crouched and began to eye it suspiciously.

"Why? You're touching it," Amy answered with a hint of sarcasm. She watched his head bob back and forth slightly while he inspected the article they had picked up.

The Doctor brushed a hand through his dark hair while he continued staring at the box, studying every detail on the surface of it, trying to understand the meaning behind the carvings etched on its surface.  It took a moment for him to answer his companion but he finally huffed and stated with slight irritation, "Well, I'm a Time Lord, I know what to do. This is what I do.  I observe other worlds; the people and their various customs; I blend in. I'm the only one with the skill to figure out this little - gift.  I get strange gifts all the time from races that appreciate what I've done for them.  So I know what to do."

"Don't have a bloody clue do you?" Amy folded her arms over her chest and leaned back against the console, looking down her nose at the Doctor with a smirk.

"Ah — no," the Doctor finally conceded.  

"So what is this?" Amy asked, before poking at the shallow etchings on the outside of the cube. "Looks like a language to me... Why can't I read it?"

"The TARDIS sometimes takes a moment to translate written word.  The more obscure and unknown the species that wrote it, the longer it takes the Old Girl to translate it for us, but she always gets it done," the Doctor explained; all the while he stroked the console affectionately.

"Should I leave you two alone?" Amy's voice dropped to a deeper more sultry tone but the jab didn't receive any sort of reaction from the Doctor.  Either he didn't hear her, or chose not to hear her.  Most likely the latter.  Silence filled the room before Amy finally let out an exasperated sigh. "Well, fine then.  You play with your little toy from those weird little aliens, I'm going to go read a book or something," she said then pushed off the console and stomped noisily away.

"Weird little aliens?" The Doctor finally looked up, calling out to her, "You know, Pond, you're the strange alien to them.  And they can't help it they're little."  Silence answered him, letting him know he was now alone in the room; yet he continued to rant, "and green, with three legs and four arms... and antennae."

The Doctor continued muttering to himself as he pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the box.  The device in the Doctor's hand let out a high pitched hum that seemed to die in a strangled tone before it faltered into silence, causing him to pull it back and stare at it for a moment as though he were reading something.  

"That hasn't ever happened before," he quietly mumbled before he changed the settings and went back to work on figuring out the box.

This mysterious box was supposed to do something; he just wasn't sure what.  He figured it would simply be best to just accept the gift graciously and back away from the little race of strange aliens known as the ValareyKurachu.  

The ValareyKurachu were interesting little beings.  A diminutive people that believed in various forms of faerie folk from fanciful legends passed down through each generation.  It seemed that the smaller the fae in the legend the more powerful its magic was and therefore the more they revered it. Science and technology was lost to them, and most likely they would never be able to catch up with the other beings from any number of planets within the same galaxy as them.  So a box that seemed mechanical in origin was somewhat confusing albeit intriguing.  What would a race that believed solely in mythology be doing with something technical?  And something else about it seemed off, something there right in front of his face was nearly screaming this isn't right but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

After changing the settings on the sonic screwdriver he pointed it at the device and once again the normal hum of the screwdriver crackled and fizzled.  

However, there was a different reaction this time.  

The box cracked open.

The lid popped open, and a strange sort of mist began to roll from the small opening and sank to the ground like a heavy fog.

The Doctor took a step back watching as the strange fog spilled out. Then he noticed that it seemed to be gravitating towards him.  He backed further away, but it was snaking across the floor much faster than he had expected.  

"Oh, this is bad.  This is very, very - not good." The doctor found himself backed to the wall and surrounded by the deep mist.  It was almost as though it were sentient, and it was inspecting what it had found.

It must have made up its mind for all at once it swamped in towards him, like an invisible barrier just dropped and allowed it to flow freely to him.  The Doctor started to yell out a warning to Amy, despite the fact that she was nowhere near.  However he found that he couldn't say anything. His words died in quiet raspy coughing.  

He felt numb and dizzy, yet he struggled to get back to the console of the TARDIS.  He needed to try to ventilate the room, suck out the mist before it got a chance to go after Amy.  He struggled forward and then collapsed; no longer aware of anything other than this strangely pleasant feeling like he was floating.

Then he felt nothing at all.


The Doctor awoke to the sound of the TARDIS landing somewhere.  He could hear the familiar 'vwoorp vwoorp'  noise as she settled on some unknown destination.  The first thing he could consciously ponder was not 'who was piloting her' but 'when was the last time I fell asleep that soundly?'

He must have fallen asleep, it was the only explanation, and Amy must have found him passed out in the console room and put a blanket or two over him.  He couldn't see anything past the covers that were currently smothering him, and he was beginning to claw his way out from under them.  He felt the fresh air of the room hit him and realized that he must have been under those blankets for a while if the stuffy hot feeling was any indication.  

As his mind began to clear the first thing he noticed was that the console of the TARDIS looked strangely large, too large; since when was she that big?  Then he noticed that what he had been trapped under was not an extremely large blanket placed over him by Amy, but his brown twill jacket.

The Doctor glanced around for a moment and then fidgeted slightly. 'I'm naked....'

A moment later he had pulled out his massively huge button-down dress shirt and wrapped it around himself before he plunked down like a child wrapped up in a blanket.  'So, I'm tiny and naked and on some planet.  I wonder where we are. Maybe—'

The Doctor was slowly trudging towards the TARDIS doors, dragging his massive shirt behind him while trying to keep it securely wrapped around his middle.  He stopped a few feet before the door, well, a few feet if he were in his normal state.  However, right at the moment it felt more like a few yards. He glanced up at the door handle that towered so very far above him; then he held out a hand and snapped his fingers.  

The tiniest little snap of his fingers echoed briefly.  Yet in the silent room it had sounded like tiny twig breaking underfoot.  The Doctor glanced back at the console and called out, "I snapped, Old Girl, I know you can hear it!"

He snapped again and this time the door cracked open just the tiniest bit, just enough for him to drag the shirt and himself to the opening and poke his head out for a good look.

"Oh, that's my girl." The Doctor cast a glance over his shoulder back at the TARDIS console. 'You brought Amy home because something had happened to me.'

For a moment the Doctor just shifted from one foot to the other, staring out into Amy Pond's front garden while pulling the fabric of his shirt up higher and a bit tighter around himself.  "I need to do something about this.  This is not exactly a very pleasant situation now is it?  Let's see — Amy is a girl, was a little girl; little girls have dolls.  Maybe I can find some slightly decent attire until I can fix this little issue," he muttered to himself as he glanced down at the shirt clutched tightly in his hands.  

"Oh but Amelia Pond was not exactly a normal little girl, I have a hard time imagining her with dolls.  But I can't very well just stand here like this, I should at least take a look, shouldn't I."  The Doctor took a step out the door, dragging the shirt with him, and then promptly backed up into the TARDIS, nearly tripping over the shirt he now had wrapped around his feet and piled up behind him. "What if she has a cat? Does she have a cat? I don't remember a cat... Oh, just get on with it!"

Once again he stepped out the door, dragging the shirt a little ways into the garden before he quickly backed up again and this time fell back into the TARDIS.  "What if her family is in there, what if Rory is there — oh this wouldn't look good.  Tiny little Doctor, tiny little naked Doctor, tiny little naked Doctor sneaking into Amy's room. It would be the cake all over again."

He settled into the piled up shirt and glared out across the yard for just a moment before finally pulling himself to his feet again. "Can't just sit here waiting for her to find me like this.  It would be better to get in there and try and find something to wear rather than get caught in here—" he glanced down at himself and quickly snatched up the edge of the shirt and wrapped it around himself again, "—like this."

Without another moment lost the Doctor set off across the garden, slowly, dragging his shirt out behind him like an insanely long cape. Determination and hope pushed him towards Amy Pond's house.  

"Maybe I'll find a tiny little bow-tie," he pondered aloud as he left the TARDIS behind.


Amy sauntered into the console room, hopping down one of the stairs before she stopped and glanced around at the empty room, "Doctor?  We landed... Where are we?"

There seemed to be a low sound from within the TARDIS almost like the sound of someone letting out a breath of air with a sigh.  Perhaps something settling somewhere; the TARDIS did tend to make random little noises after she landed.

However there was no answer from the Doctor.  "Doctor?  Are you here?" Amy began to search the room, glancing down through the clear floor where she'd often find the Doctor hanging from a little swing and fixing something beneath the console.  "Doctor wh—," Amy stopped and picked up the pair of trousers lying on the floor. "Where have you gone without your trousers...?"

Amy took a few steps and gathered up his jacket in her other hand. "Oh brilliant, he's running around naked now."

She pulled the door open, fighting the slight worried chill that ran down her spine as she noticed the fact that it was already cracked open just a bit.  The Doctor never left the door open.  He also never ran around naked as far as she could tell.  He did seem a bit - prudish.  "Maybe it's a planet of nudists and he's blending in." Amy snorted at her own joke.

"Or maybe it's my house." She stopped dead in her tracks in her garden, blinking as she processed what was going on before she called out, "DOCTOR! Oh just what I needed, my imaginary friend showing up on my family's doorstep, naked."

Amy noticed the Doctor's dress shirt was lying crumpled up in a pile on her doorstep as she quickly unlocked the door.  An indignant squeal erupted from what she thought was the door  as she pushed it open and stooped to grab up the clothing.   

All seemed quiet and empty as she poked her head into various rooms and called out to her family.  She hoped they weren't home, and that the Doctor hadn't scared them away with whatever odd behaviour was going on this time.

She opened the door to her room last and slowly looked around. "Doctor?"  He was nowhere to be found.

At first Amy had been thankful her family weren't home -- heaven only knew how her mother would have reacted to the Raggedy Doctor becoming the Stark-Naked-Mad Doctor – but that tiny bit of relief was beginning to wash away and bubble up into fear.  She was about to turn back around and check all the rooms of the house more thoroughly this time when a tiny voice chirped from the bundle of clothes in her arms, "I'm right here, Pond, which is perfect.  Brilliant really.  Honestly, I wasn't sure how I was going to get that door open and up those stairs... Why must doors be so big."

Amy squawked and tossed the clothes away onto her bed.  The Doctor, now a very tiny Time Lord, tumbled out of the dress shirt he had been wrapped up in when it hit the bed. "Oi! What are you trying to do? Kill me? You don't just toss little Time Lords! We're little and the last one, that's just — rude."

"Doctor," Amy said as she leaned over, shifting nervously from one foot to the other almost as though she was contemplating backing away. "You're—" she pinched her fingers together to signify his size. "You're tiny."

"Yes, I'm tiny.  Tiny Doctor, Tiny Time Lord.  Tiny mad Time Lord with a bloody big blue box." The Doctor blinked, swaying slightly from the slight dizziness of being dumped on the bed. "A bloody big blue box that's altogether too big on the inside." The look on his face at that last statement reminded Amy very much of a sad long-faced puppy sitting in the rain.

"Aw, look at you." Amy almost skipped the couple of feet towards the bed and leaned over to inspect the tiny Doctor. "Kind of cute, all little and pocket sized."

"Cute?  I'm insignificantly small, I don't have my sonic screwdriver, I can't even reach the TARDIS console, I'm..." The Doctor shut his eyes tightly, screwing up his face into a grimace before he spat the next word, "vulnerable... like this, and you think it's cute. I'm not cute; I'm very annoyed."

Amy knelt next to her bed and was leaning her chin on her elbows a foot away from the Doctor, she then reached over and poked his stomach. "You're also very naked."

The Doctor sputtered and swatted at her finger before yanking up the sleeve of his shirt and trying to cover up not only what needed to be covered but also the slight blush that was trying to work its way across his cheeks. "Amelia Pond, what would Rory say?"

"He'd glare at you," Amy snickered as she jumped to her feet and went over to her old toy box, pulling out various home-made little knick-knacks and toys that resembled very familiar things to the Doctor.  She found a doll she had made and clutched it tightly in her hand as she spun back around grinning like a Cheshire cat. "I assume that you were trying to sneak into my room without being seen so you could rummage through my toys from when I was a little girl in hopes of finding doll clothes, am I right?"

"Yes," the Doctor stated blandly, "that had been the plan."

"Mmm-hmm, and lucky for you I was more 'one of the boys' or you would be wearing a cute little dress right now."  Amy produced a home-made replica of the Doctor as she had seen him the first time. Her little fabric Raggedy Doctor stared blankly at the real Doctor.

"Should I be flattered, or disturbed?" The Doctor cast a slow glance up at Amy before she pulled the doll back and proceeded to pull the clothes off it and then toss the naked doll behind her.  "Disturbed, I think. Yes, disturbed at seeing that."

"Oh, belt up and put them on, you."  Amy dropped the small doll clothes next to the Doctor, whom was still tightly wrapped up in the sleeve of his shirt. "They're actually pretty good, I had gotten a little better with sewing the clothes by the time I made this one."

"Right," The Doctor muttered and just looked at the clothes, remaining uncharacteristically silent.

"Well? Go on then! How are we supposed to search for a cure if you're wrapped up in your sleeve like that?"  Amy finally barked.

"So do you have a little dressing screen or did you just plan on watching?" The Doctor rolled his eyes but still made no move towards the clothes.

Amy's eyes widened slightly before she let out a snort and turned around. "It's not like you have anything I haven't seen before."

"Amelia Pond! You naughty girl!" The Doctor gasped as he reached for the clothes and quickly started to put them on while he had the chance. "Besides you don't know, I'm a Time Lord, how would you know?"

Amy's shoulders twitched and she started to glance over her shoulder, the curiosity so sudden and intense she couldn't fight the movement in time.

"As I said, naughty." The Doctor chuckled this time as he fiddled with the hem of the tiny button down dress shirt.  The sleeves were too long, far too long, and one side hung a bit lower than the other.  The button holes and buttons were impressive enough but rather crudely done so he just opted to leave the shirt hanging while he clutched it together with one hand.  The trousers were rather interesting.  They were far too long, and pinched a bit in the backside, but he actually marvelled at the fact that she had painted in the tiny blue pinstripes his old suit had.  Not many had noticed that the pinstripes were light blue. "Well it's a bit big, but it will do I think," he finally said after inspecting everything.

"I remembered you being taller," Amy stated in a deadpan way as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Ha, ha, funny; this isn't the time for jokes.  We have to get back to the TARDIS and set this right," The Doctor stated as he tried to roll up the long sleeves.  

He only got one rolled up when Amy swept him up off his feet and cupped him into her hands, the Doctor let out an indignant squawk as he fell back.  He flailed about for a moment before he latched onto her thumb and tried to pull himself shakily to his feet as she walked out of her room towards the stairs.  It was a trial due to being jostled around so much with each step she took and he kept catching his feet in the much too long hem of his trousers.

"You could have given me a bit of warning, you know!" The Doctor cried as he clung to her thumb, not quite noticing how Amy put her other hand over him gently as she started down the stairs, keeping him from falling out of her hands.

"Oh, quit your whining, you big – or should I say little – baby." Amy snickered as she skipped over to the front door, intentionally jostling the Doctor a little bit just to annoy him.

"You're doing that on purpose, and you know it!" He growled as he lost his grip on her thumb and fell back onto her palm again; he stopped just shy of toppling bum over kettle out of her hands all together.

Amy just chuckled and cupped him closer to keep from dropping him as she opened the door.  The Doctor grunted irritably before he continued to rant at her, "And you're enjoying this aren't you!?"

"Oh, come now, Doctor.  What little girl doesn't dream that her toys might come to life someday?" Amy nearly sang.

"I am not a toy! I'm the Doctor!" he bellowed out just before Amy clamped her hand down on him again and shouldered the door to the TARDIS open.  She then removed her hand and realized that the Doctor was still ranting and hadn't stopped. "So I am not a toy, and I refuse to be treated like one!" Amy set the Doctor down on the console and then smiled at him as he glanced around, "Oh, oh we're here.  Oh that's good, much faster that way. Brilliant. Now, Pond, where's my screwdriver and where did I leave that horrible little box?"

Amy sighed and rolled her eyes, marvelling at how quickly the Doctor's gears turned in his head.  One minute he was ranting and complaining the next he was working on the solution.  She then turned and picked the sonic screwdriver up off the floor where the Doctor has dropped it.  "Here you go, but I think it might be a bit too big for you."

"Yes, it is a bit, but luckily I won't be needing it.  I just wanted to make sure it was still here.  What I really need is for you to look at that box, don't touch it, just look," the Doctor said as he pointed at the now closed box the ValareyKurachu had given him.

"Why don't you want me to touch it? Don't we need to touch it to know what it does?" Amy asked as she walked over to the box and inspected the outside of it.

"No, we know what it does, it shrinks people. We need to figure out where it came from though, the writing should have translated by now," the Doctor explained as he slipped past a few buttons and knobs and came closer to the box.

"Oh, I see.  But Doctor, you got this from the little people; you know where it came from," Amy said.

"Yes, but it is beyond their capabilities.  The ValareyKurachu are a more primitive race of beings.  They treasure small things, they worship small gods and faeries, they verbally pass down their knowledge through fables and myths from one generation to the next.  They don't have a written language; their history is passed on through the retelling of stories around a camp fire.  It gets more stretched and fantastic with each telling until it becomes blown up out of proportion."

"I see, so this box is technology, and the writing isn't theirs," Amy said.

"Indeed," The Doctor answered and then tapped his chin thoughtfully. "They had one legend they told us, remember?  About this mighty and powerful godlike being that had the power to make things very small.  They revered it because it was both powerful and frightening and yet had the ability to change things into smaller creatures.  Of course they would have loved a being like that."

"Why? I didn't understand that bit.  Why would they revere something that scared them?" Amy asked glancing at the box.

"Many cultures that believe in multiple gods often have ones that frighten them, Greek mythology, the Celtic legends, the myths of the Centauri.  Fear is often a powerful tool in control." The Doctor sat down on one of the buttons and something within the TARDIS buzzed quietly, but he didn't pay any attention to it.

"So they feared this great powerful beastie. What does that have to do with this box, Doctor?" Amy asked as she pointed at the box.

"Their little myth said that this godlike being was looking for his brother, and that he left the great relic with them to be passed on to his brother should he ever come to that planet.  I had wondered at the time why they would want to give me something they valued as the equivalent of a religious artefact.  But now it makes a bit of sense."

"They thought you were some mythical beastie's brother? And then they passed on something dangerous to you?  But you saved them from those giant creatures that were eating them, why would they give you something that could harm you?"  Amy asked.

"They didn't know it would hurt me, they thought they were passing on a great power left by my 'brother'.  Remember this was a powerful relic to them, they treasured it because it was left by someone equally powerful and apparently they knew it had the ability to make things tiny.  A 'magic' ability that they held up in reverence." The Doctor shrugged.

"But still, how could they mistake you for the brother of some creature? Didn't it have like great horns, and a tail and all that?"  Amy folded her arms and leaned against the console.

"Well, he probably wasn't a devilish looking creature as they had described in the legend.  He probably looked like you and me.  He was probably frightening but charismatic, had a wicked grin, screwy sense of humour, and short brown hair - burst into song at odd times.  Most likely with a bit of time and some retelling I'll be described as having glowing wings and pointy ears, exuding all niceness and happy things while being powerful and fighting off the really big scary monsters."

Amy blinked at the Doctor for a moment a frown etched across her face before she pulled back and pointed at him, "You just described someone.  You know what this is now, don't you? You know who sent it."

The Doctor snorted, "Don't be silly, Pond, how should I know?  So tell us what it says."

Amy squinted one eye, and slowly turned to the box and read the lid aloud, "it says: Ha! Ha! Here's a little surprise.  Love, The Master."

"That's pretty much what I figured," the Doctor stated, and then leaned back and drummed his fingers lightly on his leg.

"The Master? You know someone that calls himself 'the Master'?  Is this a Time Lord thing, are we going to hear about The Butcher and The Inspector next? Wait, is he a Time Lord?  Is he alive?" Amy froze for a second, eyes wide. "IS HE YOUR BROTHER?"

"Y~es," The doctor groaned before standing up; the buzzing from before stopped.  He waited for Amy's eyes to get impossibly larger and then added, "He is a Time Lord. Now take me to my cubby of stuff.  I have an anti-shrinking device around there somewhere."

"So who was he? A friend, enemy, school bully?  Do Time Lords get bullied in school?  Maybe he was your arch enemy? Was he Moriarty to your Sherlock?"

"Amy! Please..." The Doctor groaned. "Now that I know the box is just your simple equivalent to a shrink ray – one apparently programmed to seek me out – I need to find my – um – big ray... thing."

"Fine!" Amy threw her hands up. "You never tell me anything."  She then reached down and gathered the Doctor up and carried him away from the console.

The Doctor let out a grunt and then said, "He was a friend. My best friend, but he was also insane, so yes.  He was the Moriarty to my Sherlock. He used to like to leave little traps like this and write on them in some obscure language so it would take the Old Girl a bit of time to let me know what it said.  That is, when he wasn't trying for world domination or killing me.  Now get in that cupboard; we're looking for a long doodley-thing with a bit on the end that goes ding."

"Fine, but you better promise to tell me more about this,' Amy grunted as she set the Doctor on a shelf and started to rummage through what looked like a pile of electronic rubbish.  

She'd pull various long doodley-things out but he'd say "No, no, nope, of course not, don't be silly, no, no," until she finally pulled some strange thing out that actually did go 'ding' when she moved it.  

"Perfect, now just set me over there and point it at me, click the button, and there should be a little zap and voilà! The Doctor is back the way he should be."

"Oh, but I like you all little and cute." Amy pouted as she set the Doctor down on the ground and then stepped back, pointing the device at the Doctor.  "So I push this here, right?"

"Wait... where are my clothes?" The Doctor tensed all the sudden.  But his question wasn't quite fast enough.  A strange whirring noise erupted from the device Amy had pointed at him and he instantly clamped his eyes shut and tried not to think about the whole naked fiasco that was about to erupt once again.


Meanwhile, the door to Amy's room flew open and Rory stumbled inside, "Amy?  Are you here? No one answered the door - And I saw the TARDIS out front... Is the Doctor here?  Amy?"

Rory glanced around the empty room and let out a befuddled sort of noise, then his eyes fell on the rumpled up clothes littering Amy's floor and bed.  

The Doctor's clothes. Without the Doctor in them.

A strange sort of kicked-puppy look melted across Rory's face as he stared at them, then something snapped and sad little Rory suddenly became Rory the Roman as he stormed back out of the room.  

"I'm going to kill him."

*ducks in corner and hides face* Don't judge me by this... I have no idea how to write this genre. *peeks back over shoulder* I mean, yeah I can write Who. (at least I think I can...) I love to write the Tenth Doctor.

But this is my first stab at the 11th.

And it is also my first stab at writing this 'chibi/little/Lilliputian' whatever you call this genre... I suck at it. T.T I can't write it. I can't come up with a believable plot-line. So this really has no plot and it's terribly silly....

This is a story I promised my friend ~Nogojo for her birthday. And I'm posting it really late because I've rewritten it so many times. Shoot she hasn't even READ this finished version! Anyway, she loves the 11th Doctor and the chibi genre... but apparently there aren't very many good fics out there for that...

And this isn't helping >.<

I have to really thank, hug, and then cry all over my friend *Lutra-Gem for putting up with my horrible writing and spending so many hours fixing SO MUCH OF IT... I can't tell you how much work she put into making this presentable. :tighthug: I simply wouldn't have been able to make this work at all if you hadn't done so much work on this. Thank you!

I don't know why I had such terrible grammar and spelling in this one. Ugh.. The work I put you through >.<

I've learned a valuable lesson. I'm a slow writer, so I should never promise fics as any sort of gift. Dedicate them... yes... but don't promise them. And I've also learned that I suck at the chibi thing so I apologize in advance for any brain damage or retina burning this does.

>.< Now I'm a little afraid my Whotalia fic is not going to be all that great... (10th Doctor and Hetalia) Maybe I can't write Who...

Foof... I'm sorry Nogojo... I hope you like this anyway. I tried, so I hope it isn't too plot-less and terrible. Happy extremely late Birthday! :tighthug:

Doctor Who - BBC

11th Doctor and Amy

Valarey Kurachu is the name I gave the little alien race. It is a Malayalam word/phrase roughly translated to mean ‘too little’. I wanted something that had a nice ring to it, in a language that I and hopefully not very many others would understand. So I apologize if I butchered someones beautiful language in order to name a little alien people >.<

It was my attempt to give this a plot somehow...


GRRRR!!! Ugh!! I thought I fixed that! there are these little... flaws... little flaws that annoy the living crap out of me... Yard... I said yard. meant garden... thought garden... was told change it to garden.. Thought I HAD changed it to garden... and what do I see. YARD!

Curse my American English brain on this fic!

Pardon me, while I search the fic for more of my Americanisms that managed to escape me.
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I should be on... I'm going to try and be on. My MSN messenger has been acting up terribly lately, and it looks like my Wireless USB adaptor has been frizzing out. So my ability to be online cuts in and out. So if I don't show up, or if I suddenly disapear while we're talking... it's this wireless thing cutting out. It usually needs a moment to cool down before I can get online again.
Lutra-Gem Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I'm glad she liked it. :)
coraheart16 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha! "It goes ding" :D You did a fantastic job with both of them! Particularly Amy. Lol I could practically see her. (I have a hard time thinking of anyone but David Tennant as The Doctor, but I could still envision Matt if I tried hard enough! :D) Brilliant work here!
StormroseDewleaf Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011
You're absolutely brilliant.

I've read lots of fanfiction. I've spent late hours and opened countless tabs going through the Doctor Who archive on FFN. I've read lots of portrayals of Eleven. But I've seen very few people nail his personality, with the way he reacts to things and the little random things he says, this closely. The ones who are good at it usually have Amy all wrong (or vice-versa), but you've gotten her down just as well.

I love fics that feel like I'm watching a mini-sode, and this is one of them. :glomp:

I want a chibi-Doctor. :eager:

(If this comes off as overly-spazzy, my apologies. I just watched the Christmas special and I'm still recovering.)
HeartsGuardianSol Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Lol. Very well written and quite enjoyable. I kind of feel sorry for what The Doctor's got coming to him... Maybe He'll get lucky and it'll just be a one hit TKO before Amy can explain the situation...
Vanshira Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

And inaccurately-jealous!Rory. X3

That is all.
sephypsycologist Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
How DO we know? :? Darn it, now you've got me wondering about something I shouldn't! :iconfacepalmplz:
Run Doctor! :iconohnoesplz:
FlyingGuineaPig Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011
Wow, they actually sound like the characters! Good job!
dragonnova Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Student General Artist
oh my goodness, thank you so much! I was a bit worried about that.
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